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    Baby Shower Food and Game

    The shower I threw (with help) last week turned out so fun. Here are pictures of the food. Cupcakes (decorated with brown and blue). Punch made with a ice ring (had blueberries and puch frozen in a bunt cake mold). Little watermelon baby carriages. Filled with watermelon, cantelope, and pinapple. There are lots of instructions online on how to make these. Very easy and I found that cutting the bottom flat and poking holes in the bottom helped keep it stable and the juice can drain out and not gather at the bottom. Finally we played a baby consentration game. Unfortunately I forgot to take a before picture. But here…

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    Jam Jar Decorating!

    My crafts are centered around the baby shower I am throwing this week. For one of the prizes I am giving away a homemade jar of Strawberry Jam. So I decided to decorate it with the theme of the shower (brown and blue). I used scrapbook paper on the top and around the base and printed out a cute clipart picture of a mommy and baby (edited to my colors) and added wording and the date of the shower. I put some ribbon around the top ring and added a descriptive tag on top with a ribbon bow. To view more please visit my blog!

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    Baby Shower Invitations

    If you are throwing a shower of any kind you can easily make some handmade invitations on your computer and then cut and embellish. For these I picked a clip art picture from word and edited the colors of the stroller to the theme of the shower I am throwing. (Done by right clicking on the picture and selecting picture options.) I filled in the information and made 2 columns so that I could print 4 per page. All you do is print on cardstock (here I used plain white) and then cut. I used a corner cutter to round the edges and then 2 hole punches to make the…

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    Lego Cake

    This was the cake my sister made for her 4 year old’s birthday. Turned out so cute. Takes some time though so prepare the night before…make the cakes and freeze them, they are easier to frost that way. The picture shows 2 cakes cut up, frosted with half, large marshmallows frosted on top. For more info visit bettycrocker To view more please visit my blog!

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    Bean Bag Toss!

    These little bean bags are simple to make just cut out some squares and sew right-sides together, leave about an inch or more open slot to turn right-side out and fill with beans, rice, or craft fill beads. Then hand sew opening closed. For the board I just traced and cut circles out on one side of a large cardboard box. Paint if desired.I was in charge of sharing time last Sunday for the Primary so I put this together for the activity. The kids loved it! To view more please visit my blog!

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    Baby Shoes!

    I have made baby shoes before and the other day I attended a double baby shower and I put together these baseball and sailboat booties for the mothers-to-be. They turned out so cute!! The othter pictures are of baby shoes I have made previously… These are very inexpensive to make, they just take some time and patience(because they are so small). You can find many free instructions online by googling “baby shoe instructions” here are a few of my favorite places to get patterns or instructions….(You can change the style or modify the pattern to make it to your liking, I add embellishments and appliques that I think are cute!…

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    Applique and Shorts

    I made this very adorable outfit last week for my little neice Katie for her birthday. Before I sent it I took some pictures of Sam wearing it (it’s so cute I think I am going to have to make Sam one!) Not super hard to make either. I bought the shirt and used fusible web (like double sided interface) to put the applique on. I also stitched around the edges. I had a pattern for pants that I just cropped into shorts(a nice length) and vwala…. I would like to sell something like this on etsy, I think it might do well, and it was very fun to make!…

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    Home Blocks

    Here’s a fun and easy idea for a House Warming Gift. Home Blocks! These are really cute and easy to make! (This post contains affiliate links) Supplies: 3 inch unfinished wood blocks from Michaels craft store Scrapbook Paper Yes Glue Embellishments (ribbon, buttons, twine, etc.) Paint/paint brush Stamp ink pad/makeup sponge Hot glue gun Steps: I sanded and painted the blocks first, then I cut and glued the paper on with “yes” glue. Once it was dry I sanded the edges, then used a makeup sponge and stamp ink on the edges to get the rusty look. Then I put on letters and embellishments (hot glue gun works fine for embellishments).…