Gardening Enrichment

So we had a Gardening Class last night for a simple enrichment activity. It was wonderful:) We got little marigold flowers donated from a local nursery and I made these cute dirt cups for the refreshment!! How fun:) To view more please visit my blog!

Tissue Flower Centerpieces!

I am busy at work with our upcoming stake enrichment/ women’s conference. We are doing a day of service projects and classes. The only thing we need centerpieces for are the food tables. Here are the 2 I have completed so far, I got this idea HERE…so cute * I used the bigger peat pots, so I didn’t stack them. Just used a little paint and some ribbon:) To view more please visit my blog!

Sweetheart Sister Enrichment

We had a super Sweet Enrichment last night….It included 5 of our sweetest sisters being spotlighted (tables displaying pictures, items they’d made, etc), their V.T. spotlighted them telling stories and interesting things about them. They came to the front and we crowned them, gave them a corsage, a box of chocolates and a homemade craft bag (I made those so I will post a pic soon). All the sisters were so cute!!! We also had a lovely homemade cheesecake dessert {Read More}

Cow Cake made with Marshmallow Fondant

Here is the Cow Cake my sister and I made for our 8-Cow Enrichment night. It went so well. We had 8 stations that each had 5 minute lessons. One of the stations was Grazing where we had cow pies(no bake cookies) and this cute fondant cake! (Made with marshmellow fondant visit Fondant 101 website for the Fondant Recipe) *** Update: I’ve made a how to Tutorial for this cow cake with lots of pictures! You can see it HERE. Look at that {Read More}

More Enrichment Posters!

Here are a couple of enrichment posters I have put together. The first one is for our 8 Cow enrichment night we have coming up. The other one I made this summer for a gardening/jamming enrichment. To view more please visit my blog!

Project Thrive

Our Stake is part of a humanitary project that involvs making sanitary napkins for young girls in the orphanages in Kenya. I got some of the fabric and put 36 of them together. It really didn’t take very long and it feels good to be a part of such a good cause. For more info visit….clayforearth or goodsforgirls To view more please visit my blog!

Bag Embellishment!

For our ward enrichment service project we got 25 fred meyer reusable grocery bags donated. So I decided to embellish them with cute puppy faces. I just cut 3 ovals out of felt for each face and a little white for the patch. I used a hot glue gun to attach them to the bag (less is better, it doesn’t show through as bad with a thin layer of glue). We then filled the bags with blankets, hygiene kits, stuffed {Read More}

Enrichment Poster!

I am an enrichment leader at church and I love to make posters for up and coming events. Here is one I finished the other day, it turned out very cute. I just cut some cordinating papers, glued them down, added some letters and printed information with color backing, a couple buttons, that is ribbon down the middle, oh and I used a corner cutter for the corners of the paper. The size was half of a poster board. I {Read More}