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  • Suzanne

    Thanks so much for making the mask and the excellent tutorial. I had spent lots of time trying to make other on-line masks and they never turned out to fit well. This one works great! The one thing I altered was the “soft wire”.
    I made it “6” long (instead of “2”) so it fits comfortably and snugly ACROSS the face eliminating any gaps. It also stays put better so there is not the tendency to be pushing it back in place all the time and because the wire inside can move some I felt it was better to have it lying across the face than just the bridge of the nose where it could possibly dig in to the face. My daughter is an ICU nurse and when she is not dealing with COVID-19 patients she wears these masks I made. I even got a “good job Mom” from her (lol)!

  • Patricia Grand

    I saw this mask on a couple at the local grocery store (in Canada we now are required to wear a mask) She told me she had made them from your website pattern. It is too expensive to keep buying the commercial disposable ones(if you can find any) and they are cumbersome and illogical – I have been wearing a Cowl Neck Top and pull up the front if I am close to another person, your design makes sense and doesn’t tickle the nose or smush the lips(I wear lip moisturizer). Love the fit and will make some for other friends who don’t sew. Thank you so much! Patti Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

  • Moriah

    My husband has many life-threatening conditions. None of the other patterns worked on masks for his face. YOURS is wonderfully made, simple to follow, and you generously shared the tutorial without charging. God bless and thank you!

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