GLOW ‘Go Light Our World’ – Activity Day Girls Idea

During the Summer the Stake (an organization in my church) held an Activity Day Girls 2-day Event called ‘GLOW’ which stands for ‘Go Light Our World.’ My friend Rachel was in charge of decorating the gym and she did an amazing job. I hope you can get some good ideas for decorating and planning your own Activity Day event! The gym was decorated so nicely…. Here is a list of the classes they went to: and here are some of the crafts and activities they got {Read More}

Pocket Sized Articles of Faith Cards

I’m so excited to share these simple but cute Pocket Sized Article of Faith Reference Cards with all of you. Also included is an ‘I know my Articles of Faith’ punch card! I serve in the Primary at my church and these make a perfect gift for the children. They would also make a great gift for the Young Women in your ward. Enjoy! Download your Free Printables here…Printable Articles of Faith Cards Once you have downloaded and printed your files (you will need a {Read More}

8 is Great Baptism Preview Ideas

Here’s a collection of 8 is Great ideas perfect for Primary leaders needing help with ideas for their ‘8 is Great’ Baptism Preview. 1. Here are some ‘8 is Great’ ideas I shared last week. Food/snack ideas, invitation, and a CTR Towel Tutorial… 2. Check out these customizable Baptism Prints from Sweet Briar Sisters! Just add your name and date and put in an 8×10″ frame. Perfect personalized gift for a baptism. 3. Here’s another fun idea for a treat {Read More}

It’s Great to be 8 Ideas

I am a councelor in the Primary at my church. Every year we hold an ‘8 is Great’ program to help the 7 year olds prepare for their baptism when they turn 8. Today I want to share some ‘Great to be 8’ ideas to help those of you who may be planning one this year. Including Invitation ideas, Baptism gift (a CTR Towel Tutorial), and food ideas. Lets get started…. First up is our 8 is Great Invitations. These are {Read More}

Child of God Christmas Ornament Tutorial

Today I’m showing you how to make these adorable ‘Child of God’ Christmas Ornaments for the Primary children in your ward. They are simple and cheap to make and oh so cute! Here is the Christmas Party Decorating Ideas that I shared last year including a picture of the ornaments. Check it out for more fun ideas. Supplies: 1″ tiles from hardware store (I got mine at Home Depot) Vinyl (color of choice) and Vinyl Cutting machine (I have a {Read More}

Families are Forever Primary Bulletin Board Idea

I serve as a councilor in my church Primary organization. On Sunday’s I help teach the children and work with the presidency to organize things in the primary. Today I want to share some of our ‘Families are Forever’ Primary Theme Ideas with you! This year our theme is ‘Families are Forever’ and we have a large bulletin board that we decorate each year to match the theme. So we decided to create this giant 3D tree with the children’s family photos {Read More}

Christmas Party Decorations

Last week was a very busy one for me!! I was one of the people in charge of the decorations at our Church’s Ward Christmas Dinner Party. I want to share all the fun stuff we made and show you how everything turned out. Including some 3D White Christmas Tree Table Centerpieces, Paper Plate Garland, cute Christmas Party Invitations, and the Children’s Christmas Ornaments we made. Here is how it turned out…. (Click on the pictures to see them bigger) We used a {Read More}

Couples Scripture Halloween Costumes

Need a fun couple costume for a church Halloween dance party? Look no further!! These Scripture Halloween costumes are easy to make and truly original! Here is my husband (fiance at the time) and I in college, about to go to a church dance! The book binding, along the back. The inside of the books.  * All you need is some navy blue cotton fabric (I don’t remember how much we bought but you can easily hold it up and {Read More}

Pink and Green Easter Party!!

The easy and fun DIY Easter Party!! This is the funnest little Easter party to put together! I have links to all the things I made/printed. Check it out and have yourself a very Hoppy Easter!! Bunny Prints to welcome your guests…(use flour and a little water on a sponge cut out like a bunny foot) ACTIVITIES: Easter Egg hunt of course!! Have all your little guests bring 10 eggs each, hide them and do your egg hunt, 10 per {Read More}

Easter Bunny Carrot Toss Game

Need a fun game for your kids Easter party? Here is a simple DIY Easter Bunny Carrot Toss game that will have all your little friends having so much fun! Here’s our Easter Party!! Just in time for Easter!! All you need is a big piece of white Cardboard or paint it white, knife (I used an exacto knife), some paint if you want to paint it around the edges and a fat permanent marker…. Draw bunny head with pencil on {Read More}