GLOW ‘Go Light Our World’ – Activity Day Girls Idea

During the Summer the Stake (an organization in my church) held an Activity Day Girls 2-day Event called ‘GLOW’ which stands for ‘Go Light Our World.’ My friend Rachel was in charge of decorating the gym and she did an amazing job. I hope you can get some good ideas for decorating and planning your own Activity Day event!

Glow Activity

The gym was decorated so nicely….

glow 20a glow 7a glow 8a glow 9a glow 11a glow 13a glow 18a glow 10a glow 12a glow 16a glow 15a
glow 17aHere is a list of the classes they went to:
glow 14a

and here are some of the crafts and activities they got to take home…

glow 4a glow 1a glow 3a glow 5a


*I didn’t stay for the whole event but I will give you a little idea on how the activity went…

The event lasted 2 days,  Friday evening and Saturday during the day. In the evening they painted their picture frames, did a fun obstacle course outside, and played games. On Saturday they rotated by ward to the different classes: Modesty, Being a Good Friend, Digital Media, and a Service Project where they helped a local Animal Shelter. They had Pizza for lunch on Saturday and learned a fun song and dance (it was projected on the screen in the gym). At the end each of the girls got a balloon that they got to release into the sky. It was so sweet to watch all those white and yellow balloons floating away as the girls sang ‘I am a Child of God.”

Here’s my sweet Sammy on the 2nd day, she wanted to ‘SHINE’ so she wore here sparkly shirt!


I am so grateful to all those who put so much time and energy into such a wonderful event for our girls. You are amazing!!



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One thought on “GLOW ‘Go Light Our World’ – Activity Day Girls Idea

  1. Crystine Riches says:

    Thanks! Beautiful stuff. Our YW Evening of Excellence will be on the theme, “Girls Lighting Our World,” and this really helps.

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