Bench Seat Cushion – A DIY Tutorial

I haven’t finished Sam’s ruffled bedding but I have a good reason why…..I was helping my friend make this…A Bench Seat Cushion for her guest room. Keep reading, I’ve added a tutorial so you can make your own DIY Bench Seat Cushion!

All finished…

Here’s a little TUTORIAL!

This is the window seat before…

Here is the really long piece of foam she bought from JoAnn’s… (we had to glue an extra piece on to fit the length of her 10 foot seat, we just used hot glue.

Then we added batting for extra fluff. Wrapped it around and used hot glue to secure the edges, just a thin layer. (careful not to burn your fingers!)

After measuring your cushion, cut all your pieces of fabric out. We had 2 large piece for the top and bottom, 2 long side pieces and we cut 3 end pieces (1 extra for a Velcro opening). Remember to add seam allowance. Then I began by sewing the piping along the top large piece. The trim should lay right where the seam will be once your sides are attached. Using a piping foot, sew your piping on. It took a lot of piping!!!

Then we sewed the 2 long side pieces to one of the short end pieces and pinned them to the top, right sides together. Then sew…your piping trim will be sandwiched between the top piece and side pieces, sew very close to the piping (even though you can’t see it, it is easy to tell where it is under the fabric) leave about 3 inches un-sewn at the ends of your long pieces.

To make your velcro opening take the 2 other end pieces and fold one edge down on each piece.. attach the velcro…one to the right side of fabric and one to the wrong side…make the velcro slightly shorter than the length of the edges (for seam allowance)

It should look like this sewn on…
Put the velcro together and pin the edges to the long edges that you left un-sewn before. Sew them together and them pin to the top piece and continue sewing the rest of the edge to the top.
After sewing trim to the bottom piece, pin it to the other side of your edges(right sides together). Sew all the way around the rectangle (your opening will be the velcro part, for turning it right side out)

Turn right side out and stuff your cushion inside (this was a bit difficult to do because of  the size of our seat, so we unstitched a small opening on one side of the cushion, just big enough for a hand to fit through in order to grab and pull the cushion to the end).

Close the velcro opening (hand stitch your other opening closed if you made one) and put your cushion in place!

The Velcro edge…

Stand back and admire your new bench seat!

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15 thoughts on “Bench Seat Cushion – A DIY Tutorial

  1. maureen says:

    I’ve always used a zipper in mine. Much easier to just use velcro and make the opening any length you need. When it’s hard to get the foam in, a plastic bag from dry cleaning can help it slide inside, and then remove the bag.

  2. Amy says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this! I want to recover the one that came with the house we bought and I didn’t want to mess with a zipper, never thought about velcro!

  3. Unknown says:

    After you put the foam in that plastic bag – suck the air out with a vacuum cleaner! Then tape it shut and slide it in – tear the plastic off after it is in place – some will remain, but won’t hurt. Upholstery tip!

  4. jannyjan says:

    Turn the cover inside out. Bunch it up like your probably do your pantyhose and pull it up around the foam “leg.” Once you have a few inches done it gets easier since you can use the now right side out portion as a handhold. You will be able to keep the foam straight this way and no unstitching is necessary to help it along. I hope somebody can SEE what I mean besides me! 🙂 but it works!

  5. Carin Turquoise Rae says:

    I love the look of the cushion you made, but, to be honest, the instructions aren’t in enough detail for me. I feel if someone could follow them they probably don’t really need to be reading instructions like this to begin with. Thanks for publishing though and I will try to follow them.

  6. Unknown says:

    When I made the bumper from my daugther’s crib set, I put the closure on a long side in the middle instead of on a short side like you did. Just a thought, but it was a lot easier to sutff 🙂

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