Couples Scripture Halloween Costumes

Need a fun couple costume for a church Halloween dance party? Look no further!! These Scripture Halloween costumes are easy to make and truly original! Here is my husband (fiance at the time) and I in college, about to go to a church dance!

The book binding, along the back.

The inside of the books.

 * All you need is some navy blue cotton fabric (I don’t remember how much we bought but you can easily hold it up and buy enough to cover you from wrist to wrist), buy the same amount of white cotton fabric. You will also need a spool of navy ribbon(for the bookmark), fabric markers (Gold and black) (we may have used permanent marker on the inside), and a little thread and sewing machine.

*Sew your two pieces of fabric, right sides together, top and sides (leaving holes for your hands at the corner and in the center top for your head to fit through. Flip right side out and try on. Draw a line down the center and write on the inside the first pages of the book you are making, we just wrote the titles and then scribbles. On the outside use your gold fabric pen and write the title on the front, and along the binding(where the fabric hits your back. Sew in your bookmark at the neck opening.

That’s it!!! It takes a little time to write the title and wording but it really is simple. This would make a great prop in primary as well, you could easily make a child size one too!! We have worn these to every ward Halloween Party we have ever been to(every time we move!) Hope you enjoy!

Happy Halloween!

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