Summer Dress

Saw THIS tutorial over at Make it and Love it and I just had to make one! When my sister came to visit we bought the material and got started. The elastic is a little time consuming but the end result is adorable. My daughter just loves it!


*My only recommendation would be to not use as much fabric. This dress is made to be 2.5 times your child’s size, I would recommend doing 1.5 to 2 times bigger! Feeding in your elastic would be much easier! Here are the formulas I used for the pieces:

Main Pieces (cut2): (Child’s waist measurement) x 2.5, then add 2, then divide by 2….this is your WIDTH.

(Child’s chest to knee measurement) plus 2.5…..this is your LENGTH

Waist casing: WIDTH x 2, then add 3…this is your length, your width is 2(may want to make it 2.5 to make elastic threading easier!)

Visit the tutorial for the other measurements and instructions!

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