Felt Christmas Tree Advent Calendar Tutorial – Part 3

We’ve got to finish up our circles!! Hope you are almost done, December 1st is just around the corner. If you missed Part 1 and 2 of the Christmas Advent Calendar Tutorial you can find them here…PART 1 and PART 2.


After cutting out all my felt designs I hand stitched them into place with matching embroidery floss and a needle. A Feathered Nest has some great tips on hand stitching HERE. Remember if you don’t want to sew just use some fabric/craft glue to attach your designs. I attached a few of my pieces with glue instead of sewing them on. Here they are…

Baby Bell Candle candy cane Gingerbread Holly mittens Mouse Ornament Penguin Poin Presents2 reigndeer2 Santa2 skate Skis Sled Snowman Stars Stocking Stripes2 Sweater2 Tree Window Wreath
Hoping to sew my circles on the tree tomorrow! The final steps will include:
– Iron on interfacing to the back of my circles (so the threads won’t come loose and the circles will be more sturdy).
– Hand sew circles onto the tree front.
– Embroider numbers under each circle.
– Sew tree front to tree back and add stump and star.
– Hang and add goodies and activity ideas for kids to countdown to Christmas.

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