Felt Christmas Tree Advent Calendar Tutorial- Part 2

How’s your Calendar coming along??? If you missed Part 1 you can find it HERE.

Let’s continue our Christmas Tree Advent Tutorial…


Part 2 (steps 2 and 3) involve a lot of CUTTING. We will be cutting out our tree from the green felt. Then get all our circles (or squares) cut out. Lay them out on your green felt tree to make sure you like them. And start cutting out all your felt designs. I’ve posted the ones I’ve cut so far.. remember make them simple, you can add detail with embroidery later! Lets get to work….
Step 2: Cut Tree Out
– Lay your felt – folded in half – and place your pattern on top like so (we made our pattern in PART 1)…
Tree Cutout

– Pin pattern in place, like so…

Tree Cutout 2

– Cut using fabric scissors all along the edge. I cut about 1/4 inch away from the pattern edge…

Tree Cutout 3

– Remove pins and pattern.

Step 3: Cut your Circles and Designs.
– Now cut your circles (or squares if that is what you have planned) and place them on your tree how you would like them… Here is my tree with the designs I have cut out so far…
CircleDesigns 1
– My rows are 1, 3, 4, 3, 4, 3, 4, 3. But you can play with your pockets and move them around as you like.
– Now Start cutting out all your designs. Here are the ones I have finished so far, I made them nice and big so you can see all the details. Remember the more simple the better! You can add details with embroidery thread later. Consider using embellishments as well, I have some tiny buttons on some of my designs that I will be sewing on!!
Circle designs 2
Circle Design 5
Circle Design 4
Circle Design 3
Circle Design 6Circle Design 7
Here are the last 4 that I have embroidered without taking a cutout picture first…
Circle Design 11
Circle Design 10Circle Design 9Circle Design 8
For Part 3 go HERE!! We will be attaching our designs (with glue and/or embroidery) and getting them all ready to attach to our tree front!
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