It’s Great to be 8 Ideas

I am a councelor in the Primary at my church. Every year we hold an ‘8 is Great’ program to help the 7 year olds prepare for their baptism when they turn 8. Today I want to share some ‘Great to be 8’ ideas to help those of you who may be planning one this year. Including Invitation ideas, Baptism gift (a CTR Towel Tutorial), and food ideas. Lets get started….


First up is our 8 is Great Invitations. These are so easy to make because Leah over at Printastic Design offers these free customizable printables! All you have to do is upload them, type in your info and print. I then attached them to cardstock and mailed them out to our primary kids/parents.


Next I want to show you our refreshment table.


I made cupcakes and put them in the shape of an ‘8.’ We had some fruits and veggies, and some donuts in the shape of an ‘8’ using toothpicks. We just had water to drink. I made the ‘Welcome’ banner a long time ago and have used it many times! I will share a tutorial for that soon.

8isG21a 8isG23a 8isG22a

Finally I want to share a simple tutorial on how to make your own CTR Towels. NO SEWING is required! And look how cute these are…



  • Wonder Under
  • Fabric scraps
  • New White Towels
  • Iron/Ironing Board
  • Scissors/Pencil or pen
  • Printer/paper



1. Print out your CTR logo. Print found HERE.


2. Lay your wonder under over the CTR print (upside down) and trace.


3. Remove 1 side of paper from wonder under. Iron shield face down on the back of your fabric piece. (Only for a couple seconds with NO STEAM)

8isG5a 8isG6a


4. Cut out the shape.

8isG8a 8isG9a 8isG10a

5. Peel backing off each piece and place on towel where you would like it. Iron in place. Do not Iron back and forth, press iron down and pick up move over and press/pick up, continue till completely adhered. This will prevent the letters and shield from moving around while ironing.

8isG11a 8isG12a 8isG13a 8isG14a 8isG15a

That’s it! We rolled ours up and tied with a ribbon with the CTR shield showing. They were a great gift for the children!

8isG24a 8isG17a 8isG19a 8isG18a

(You have the option of doing a top stitch around your Shield and letters but I didn’t have the time. If you use the permanent no sew wonder under you should not have to worry about the applique falling off.)


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