A little RED, WHITE, and BLUE!

The cub scouts had a patriotic theme dinner. Each person was suppose to bring a centerpiece. I looked at what I had around the house and this is what I came up with…..*3 canning jars, some paper, ribbon, straws and stars and this is how it turned out, so cute!* I just put red, white and blue paper through the paper shredder to fill the jars, tied ribbon at the top, cut out the letters and taped(or glue) them to {Read More}

YW Decorative Jars (vases)

Last week I helped decorate some jars for the Young Women in Excellence night. I printed these cute value cover pages created by melanie at sugardoodle.net, shrunk them, printed them on color paper, and taped them to mason jars (2 per jar). Add some ribbon at the top and you have a decorative jar/vase to display. These ones were used as centerpieces on the tables with flowers in them! So cute! To view more please visit my blog!

Baby Shower Food and Game

The shower I threw (with help) last week turned out so fun. Here are pictures of the food. Cupcakes (decorated with brown and blue). Punch made with a ice ring (had blueberries and puch frozen in a bunt cake mold). Little watermelon baby carriages. Filled with watermelon, cantelope, and pinapple. There are lots of instructions online on how to make these. Very easy and I found that cutting the bottom flat and poking holes in the bottom helped keep it {Read More}