DIY Baby Shoes

I’ve made a lot of baby shoes over the years. They are the perfect little handmade gift to take to a baby shower or make for your little one! I just wanted to share pictures to give you some cute ideas of the different styles of DIY Baby Shoes you can make using this free Baby Shoe Pattern. (This post contains affiliate links) DIY Baby Girl Shoes: Add a little embellishment like an iron on flower with button center. Make a paper box to gift them in! {Read More}

Purple Baby Shoes


Finally made some adorable Baby Shoes for my little one. I made these to match the Easter dress I am making for her and her sister. They are going to be so cute!! You can find this grippy fabric at the fabric store.. JoAnn’s has it by the big bolts of felt. I have made tons of these shoes and this is by far the best pattern!! Go HERE to get it. To view more please visit my blog!

Christmas Crafts

Christmas Crafts…Thought I would share some photos of the Christmas Crafts that kept me busy this year… Family Letters for my Sister-in-law. You can find the tutorial HERE Nephew’s (bean bag) Name bags. So I was going to fill them with beans but they felt odd and I didn’t want them to throw them at each other and get hurt so I filled them with fiberfill and they are like little pillows. Made a matching bag so they can hang {Read More}

Boy Shoes and a Tie Appliqued Onesie

Another Pair of Baby Boy Shoes! Here is what you will need to do an applique. Fusible Web (JoAnn’s has it in the pack-pictured below). Some cute fabric and a onesie. In the middle you will see the tie cut out of the fusible web. You attach it to the fabric and the onesie and then Iron (it fuses on both sides, its like double sided interfacing). Then stitch around the edge. Turned out so cute!! And it is so {Read More}

Baby Girl Flower Shoes…

The latest baby shoes…. I fused the flower on and then hand stitched around the edge, then added the button. I put embellishments on at the very beginning before anything is sewn together. Just remember if you are using buttons make sure you don’t leave baby alone with shoes on, if baby is able to grab well, because they may be able to pull the button off over time. To view more please visit my blog!

Baby Boy Shoes

I made another pair of baby boy shoes last weekend for a friend. I love how they turned out! To view more please visit my blog!

More Baby Shoes!

I helped put on a triple baby shower (3 gals all having girls) and here are the shoes I made for their little ones! To view more please visit my blog!

Baby Shoes!

I have made baby shoes before and the other day I attended a double baby shower and I put together these baseball and sailboat booties for the mothers-to-be. They turned out so cute!! The othter pictures are of baby shoes I have made previously… These are very inexpensive to make, they just take some time and patience(because they are so small). You can find many free instructions online by googling “baby shoe instructions” here are a few of my favorite {Read More}