‘Clean for Candy’ Printable

Looking for the perfect way to limit your kids Halloween Candy and get your House Clean at the same time?!?! We call it the ‘Clean for Candy’ system at our house! The kids each have a small amount of Halloween Candy leftover from the holiday weekend and since I don’t want a bunch of sick kid,s I ration the candy out throughout the week. Each day they can choose a few chores to do and earn a piece of candy {Read More}

The Most Valuable Lesson I Learned From My Strong-Willed Child

*I just wanted to give a little prelude to this post. I wrote this post several weeks ago and I have read through it 100 times and I have just now mustered up the courage to share it with you all today. It is awfully hard to share a personal story, especially one that highlights my own weaknesses. If it helps even one mother of a strong-willed child it will have been worth it. I’ve got 5 kids! Yeah that’s a lot these {Read More}