Search and Rescue – Gospel First Aid Scavenger Hunt

Last year I helped with an activity for a Priest/Laurel conference. The theme was “Search and Rescue” we wanted to give the kids a small first aid kit to keep in their purse or car. So we came up with these.

 Using some old prescription bottles, I cut some vinyl using my silhouette and put it on the front. We included a band aid(Good Samaritan), match(with striker glued to the inside of the cap)(Let your light shine), alcohol swab(be clean), ointment(Luke 7:37), Cotton Ball(Soft, gentle like the promptings of the spirit), rubber band(Responsive to others needs, flexible), Safety Pin(Connection with the lord), and a plastic glove(protection from the lord).

 We started by explaining the overall theme….

*Isa 61:1 Christ sent to bind up the brokenhearted…The first aid kits are tools that represent the binding of physical wounds that have spiritual implications/metaphors/similes.

We gave them their first aid kit bottles (empty/string attached so they could carry around their neck) and broke them up into teams by handing them different color Bandannas (that can be used as a tourniquet). There was a tourniquet demonstration and then the rules. Each group was given a clue to lead to a location around the camp we were staying at. Each destination had a leader and an item for their first aid kit. Once at their station the leader would give a 3 min. explanation of the item and what it represented. Then they would hand them another clue which would lead them to their next spot. Until they collected their last item and every group got a clue to end up at the final location with a closing talk. These are the bandannas/headband/scarf/survivor buff, whatever you want to call them! I printed our logo on transfer paper and ironed them on to strips of fabric, I just serged the edges….

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