Halloween Costumes 2013

Here are my Little Ones all dressed up for our Halloween Trunk or Treat! I made Gavin’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costume this year and Sam’s AGD Witch Costume to match her Witch Costume. Oh and your in for a treat at the end of this post!!! Yeah I decided to dress up and lets just say you will probably laugh at my “Manly Look!” {haha}
Happy Halloween! 
My 3 year old as CinderELLA. (her name is Ella!)

 She is so stinkin’ cute!

 Gavin the TMNT – Rafael!
 I found the little swords at the Dollar Store!!
 My baby Boy!
 This was by far the funniest thing ever!! A Zoo themed trunk for Trunk or Treat. I threw this together last minute, just cut up a cardboard box with an exacto knife and filled our trunk with stuffed animals (and our Elephant!), It was so funny!

 My Sweet “Witch” Sammy!
 Ok, are you ready for this??? No seriously you may have trouble recognizing me in this one! Lets just say I wouldn’t make a very good lookin’ guy!! This year I was……drum roll please…..
 Are you dying laughing?!?! I don’t blame you! I drew on some extra thick eyebrows (yeah that brings back memories of long ago!) and made a beard following Makeit-loveit’s tutorial. And yeah I transformed into Duck Dynasty’s long lost sister. HAHA.. I still laugh at how rediculous this costume is! Some of my friends didn’t even recognize me!
Luckily the kids weren’t too scared of mommy, Ethan tried to pull my beard off all night, but I don’t blame him!
Have a great Halloween everyone!
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