Kids Pajama Redo…A Tutorial

Turning Footy Jammies into Open End Jammies…Here is what the final product will look like…
Has your child out-grown his or her Footie Pajamas? Or worn out the feet like so….

Then this is the perfect tutorial for you! So easy to do! Takes about 10-15 min. and extends the life of your toddler’s pajamas! Here’s how its done…
First cut off the feet like so…
Grab some knit fabric….sold at JoAnn’s and other fabric stores or use an old t-shirt (stretchy kind). Cut about the width of the opening of your pajamas and the length double what you want, x2…

Fold in half (length ends touching)..


Fold in half allowing the seam to be on the inside… (line up edges)

This is what your bottom edge will look like…

Now place it over the opening of the pajamas, the raw edges together

Stitch the along the bottom, making sure to catch all 3 layers of fabric… I sew on the inside, stretching the knit fabric to fit(it should be a little bit smaller than your opening)

Surge or zigzag stitch to make even more secure…

Turn right side out….

Repeat all your steps with the other leg….

And then stand back and admire your work!

I was just going to throw these Pajamas out but I am so glad I didn’t. They are just like new and my little guy loves them!
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  1. Thanks Taya, I am just getting back into sewing and am eating up all of these online tutorials! This post made me dig through all of my “to donate” clothes that the kids just outgrew. Lots of pants into shorts, but I loved being able to take 24 month PJs and 24 month PJ pants, cutting off the legs and putting them on the PJs! lol, not quite as “complete” looking as yours, but they do the job! So thanks!

  2. Thanks for the idea. My son HATES the feet pajamas and I have a few of them still. Thanks for sharing!

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