DIY Large Photo Collage

DIY Large Photo Collages

(An inexpensive DIY Tutorial)

My Project 38-001 (640x557)

I’m so excited to share the Large Photo Collage I made with you!  We recently moved into a new home and in this new home of ours is a large wall that goes up the stairway. I wanted to do something with that huge space that was dramatic and eye catching.  That’s when I remembered seeing a picture of these large photo booth style collages on Pinterest.  I knew then that, that is what I wanted to do.

So I searched for a tutorial and couldn’t really find what I was looking for, for a couple of reasons:

1. I wanted to make one for each of my 6 kids and I wanted them to be big so they took up that big space.

2. Since I needed 6 (almost 7) I needed them to be pretty low in cost.

3. I wanted them lightweight so I could attach them using command strips. So with those things in mind this is what I came up with, let’s get started…


  • 4 photos per photo collage (whatever size you want I used 11×14)
  • black poster board (3 pieces of poster board will make 2 collages)
  • lattice (found at Lowes)
  • paint for your lattice (I just use the small bottles from the craft section)
  • spray adhesive
  • packaging tape
  • hot glue


-First you’re going to need to paint all of your lattice black or whatever color you want them to be.  Or you could leave them white.  If you leave them white or use another color then I would recommend getting white poster board. (Sorry, I don’t have a picture of me painting the lattice.)  It took a couple of coats to get them covered but it was easily done.  Here is a picture of the lattice at Lowes, I haven’t found it anywhere but there.


-Next you’ll want to use packaging tape to tape 3 of your poster boards together, tape them together on the long side.  You can see the shiny packaging tape in this picture.

-Using your spray adhesive attach your photos to the poster board.  You’ll want your photos close enough together that the lattice will cover part of each photo it touches.  Also leave enough poster board on BOTH sides, the top and the bottom of your photo collage, to hot glue the lattice to in order to form the outside frame.

My Project 39-001 (640x640)

*The lattice will cover the bottom of one photo and the top of the next one.

249 (640x367)

-Once you have your photos attached cut off the extra poster board remember to LEAVE some of the poster board as an edge to glue your lattice to.  You should have enough leftover poster board to make another photo collage.

-Next you’ll need to cut your lattice to size.  I built the whole thing like a ladder, two long sides and shorter rungs in the middle. Once you cut them you’ll need to touch up the paint on the lattice.   I cut and  hot glued the long sides down first then added the top rung with hot glue and worked my way down, doing the rungs in the middle, down to the bottom.

-Once all of your lattice is in place you can hang them with command strips onto your wall.  Since they are made of lattice and poster board you’ll want to get them on your wall a.s.a.p. because they’re not super firm, but that is not a problem once they are on your wall.

244 (480x640)

Ours have been up for about 6 months now and they still look great!  They are everything I wanted them to be; big and dramatic plus they make me smile every time I walk up my stairs.

Luckily for me there is enough room for one more! Unluckily for me I left the room at the top the stairs instead of  at the bottom.  Oh well, I need to paint this wall anyway.  I plan on adding clocks with the time of each kids birth above their photo collage.  Can’t wait to get the whole project finished!!

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