Super Easy 1-Hour Breadstick Recipe

  By: Megan I know that using yeast intimidates some people.  However, this recipe is so easy that you can’t go wrong.  I make this recipe all the time and love making it when I take dinners to friends.  It is my most requested recipe.  People can’t believe they are homemade!  This is a recipe of my moms.  I wrote down the ingredients years ago, but I had to watch her make them so I could learn how to do {Read More}

Super Soft Sugar Cookie Recipe + Frosting

Super Soft Sugar Cookies with Buttercream Frosting I have tried a lot of sugar cookie recipes in my day.  I have tried the one from my Betty Crocker cookbook.  I have tried the Lofthouse copycat recipe.  I have tried the recipes with sour cream.  But I always fall back on this recipe.  I got this from a great friend years ago, who used to have my little kids over to her house to decorate sugar cookies.  We have since moved {Read More}

Showing Love to those that Matter Most

I am reading Gretchen Rubin’s book, Happiness at Home, which follows her first book, The Happiness Project.  I love the concept that she uses in both books – focusing for 1 month on a certain topic or theme in order to create a habit, or promote change in her life.  Once Gretchen chooses a theme, she then creates steps or guidelines that will help her reach her goal. I have decided to try this for the month of February.   My theme for February {Read More}