Kids Pajama Redo…A Tutorial


Turning Footy Jammies into Open End Jammies…Here is what the final product will look like… Has your child out-grown his or her Footie Pajamas? Or worn out the feet like so…. Then this is the perfect tutorial for you! So easy to do! Takes about 10-15 min. and extends the life of your toddler’s pajamas! Here’s how its done… First cut off the feet like so… Grab some knit fabric….sold at JoAnn’s and other fabric stores or use an old {Read More}

Little Girl Apron and Potholder


Went to visit my sister last month and she created a pattern for this adorable child’s apron! We found the cutest fabric at Craft Warehouse to make it and man did it turn out cute….. So I decided to make a little hot pad to match. I entered it in the Prudent Baby pot holder contest in hopes of winning a brand new sewing machine!! They featured my pot holder on their site! Love it!! And as soon as the {Read More}

Baby Snuggler and Tinkerbell Costume in Progress..

Baby Snuggler… Saw this pattern and just had to make one for the one on the way! Just need to add the velcro. Tinkerbell Costume… My daughter Sam wants a Tinkerbell party for her 5th birthday in Nov. Our Baby is due in Oct. So I am getting a head start, and hoping she will want to wear her tinkerbell (pink) costume for Halloween as well. It is a work in progress and the pattern was very difficult to figure {Read More}

Easter Dress out of old Prom Dress – part 1

Here is my old prom dress from when I was in H.S. I held onto it in hopes of creating something cute out of it in the future… This is my progress so far….Sammy’s Easter Dress (I thought I would get a head start) BackStay tuned, I think it will be so cute once I have attached the top to the bottom and added a trim around the tulle bottom. It is turning out better than I had imagined! To {Read More}

Little Girl Capris!

So I had these gucho style capris (my size) and they were a bit snug so I decided to make a pair for cute shorts capris for Sam. Here is what I came up with. Added a couple ruffle flowers and some ric-rac and they turned out very cute! To view more please visit my blog!

Man’s Shirt to Toddler Shirt!

I took one of my husband’s old polo shirts and turned it into a shirt for my 18 month old son. I took pictures along the way so I will be making a tutorial (once I am done with my stake enrichment:). But I wanted to share my before and after photos!! Its a great way to recycle an old shirt!! Before…. Man’s polo shirt (next to 18 month t-shirt, which I used to make a pattern) After….(This is how {Read More}

Girls Summer Shorts – Outfit

Crafting with my sister!! My goal was to make my little Sammy her summer wardrobe. Well I didn’t get them all done but most are cut out. Cute little modest shorts and some matching tops. Once I finish the others I will get them posted. We made our own pattern for the shorts using a pair of shorts I already had for her that I liked. Modified them a little, added ruffles to some and this is what we got! {Read More}

Boy Shoes and a Tie Appliqued Onesie

Another Pair of Baby Boy Shoes! Here is what you will need to do an applique. Fusible Web (JoAnn’s has it in the pack-pictured below). Some cute fabric and a onesie. In the middle you will see the tie cut out of the fusible web. You attach it to the fabric and the onesie and then Iron (it fuses on both sides, its like double sided interfacing). Then stitch around the edge. Turned out so cute!! And it is so {Read More}

Twirl Skirt Outfit

I made this super cute twirl skirt set for my neice for Christmas. It turned out cuter then I had expected! I will be selling these twirl skirt instructions on etsy very soon!! Adorable fabric from the Fabric Shoppe on Matching buttons on sleeves. To view more please visit my blog!

Homemade Baby Spider Costume!

This is a super easy homemade spider costume for baby!! This is what you will need….Black hooded sweater, black pants, soft black material that matches (enough for 4 legs and a back), pillow stuffing, flat back googly eyes. You’ll need a sewing machine and a needle and thread. I cut the legs out of fabric, about the size of the arms on the sweater, sew them together and sew a circle at one end (that part is completed in the {Read More}