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Felt Christmas Tree Advent Calendar Tutorial-Part 4

I am so excited to finally post the final Part to our Felt Christmas Tree Advent Calendar Tutorial! In case you missed it here is PART 1, PART 2, and PART 3. Now that you’re all caught up lets finish up our Advent Calendar! Finish Circles: Now that your circles are all completed its time […]

Christmas Party Decorations

Last week was a very busy one for me!! I was one of the people in charge of the decorations at our Church’s Ward Christmas Dinner Party. I want to share all the fun stuff we made and show you how everything turned out. Including some 3D White Christmas Tree Table Centerpieces, Paper Plate Garland, cute Christmas Party […]

World’s Best Homemade Fudge Recipe

In my opinion this is the World’s Best Homemade Fudge Recipe!! My mom has been making her delicious Fudge ever Holiday Season since I can remember! I think its the best, you should try it and see for yourself…. Ingredients:1 cup Butter14 1/2 oz. Evaporated Milk4 cups Sugar1 – 12oz pkg. Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips (I […]

Christmas Advent – Storybook Countdown

Each Christmas we have a little tradition….we have 24 Christmas Books wrapped and placed under the tree. It’s our…   Christmas Advent Storybook Countdown!   Each night one of the kids gets to pick a “present” and unwrap it. Then we read it all together before bed. My kids love picking a present each night […]

Homemade Christmas Gifts – for Little Girls

Here’s my top ten list for Homemade Christmas Gifts for the little girl in your life. If your trying to find the perfect gift to make for your daughter, grand-daughter, niece, little sister, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s my homemade gift giving list for little girls… *Click on the photos to go to […]

Homemade Christmas Gifts – For Her (Part 2)

Last year I made a top ten list of some great Homemade Gift Ideas for the women in your life; moms, grandmas, sisters, girlfriends, teachers, neighbors. It has been such a hit I decided to make another list for 2013! And here it is…. Collage frame with poem, a perfect gift for Grandma! (I found this adorable […]

Simple DIY Baby Jesus Nativity – A Christmas Decoration

The Holiday Craft I was working on last week is a cute little DIY Baby Jesus Nativity A great addition to your Christmas Decorations. I was helping out at our Church’s Super Saturday and this is the craft I was in charge of. Isn’t it so cute!   I got the idea from “Crafty Sisters” adorable Baby Jesus ornament. I simply […]

Felt Christmas Tree Advent Calendar Tutorial – Part 3

We’ve got to finish up our circles!! Hope you are almost done, December 1st is just around the corner. If you missed Part 1 and 2 of the Christmas Advent Calendar Tutorial you can find them here…PART 1 and PART 2. After cutting out all my felt designs I hand stitched them into place with matching embroidery floss […]

Felt Christmas Tree Advent Calendar Tutorial- Part 2

How’s your Calendar coming along??? If you missed Part 1 you can find it HERE. Let’s continue our Christmas Tree Advent Tutorial… Part 2 (steps 2 and 3) involve a lot of CUTTING. We will be cutting out our tree from the green felt. Then get all our circles (or squares) cut out. Lay them out […]

Homemade Christmas – for Her

This year I wanted to start a Homemade Christmas list of gift ideas for all those wonderful people in your life. Today I wanted to focus on the Women in your life, mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, etc. So here is my top ten list for 2012. Hope you all have a happy homemade Christmas this […]